Usability improvements



Version SCIA Engineer 19 contain several general improvements to enhance the usability of the program and also to increase its speed performance. Most of the improvements come directly from the users of SCIA Engineer from the user questionnaire.

Better readable Engineering report due to enhanced splitting of tables.
Increased speed performance of SCIA Engineer in multiple areas.
Streamlined workflow by automatic nodes and members connection before analysis and clearer creation of combinations.
Advanced rendering improvement for more natural view.

Engineering Report - splitting of tables

Displaying Multiple tables in Engineering report is in SCIA Engineer 19 enhanced in a way, that if new table would show only few lines on end of a page, the whole table with its caption is automatically placed on next page of the report.

Definition of combinations

In SCIA Engineer 19 load cases that were added to combinations are no longer available in the list of load cases possible to be further added in the combination. This approach seems to be more logical and was often requested.

This behaviour is consistent for all following dialogues:

  • Linear combination
  • Stability combinations
  • Non-linear combination
  • Concrete combinations
  • Results classes

Automatic connection of nodes/members

To avoid singularities in complex models, the nodes and members have to be connected in order to work correctly in the FEM analysis. In SCIA Engineer 19 this action may be performed automatically before running the analysis. Enable or disable this function in the FE analysis dialogue:

Singularity check

Singularity check in SCIA Engineer 19 is much faster than before as it no longer requires separate algorithm in order to investigate the singular structure. Instability shapes are now available directly after the unsuccessful FEM analysis. Furthermore, if more singularity spots appear in the structure, multiple instability shapes are identified together by the Singularity check.

OpenGL rendering improvements

Rendering improvements target for users that use powerful graphic cards and who want to see more realistic rendering of objects in SCIA Engineer. As these improvements are demanding on rendering hardware, the option is disabled by default. The improvements may be enables in Settings as is apparent on image below:

Improvements contain possibility to see rendered 1D and 2D members while they are being imputed, which reduces mistakes during modelling, while the real position and intersections with already present entities are clearly visible.

Further improvement is in drawing of labels on entities in model when navigating in 3D scene (zooming or rotating the view) and more realistic drawing of hidden lines of selected members, which now may be entirely hidden or display dimmed when compared to visible lines.

Speed improvements

Multiple areas of SCIA Engineer 19 were significantly improved in terms of speed performance. The most visible improvements are:

  • the time required for opening and saving of large projects. Even more significant improvement is for opening older projects due to faster recalculation of cross-section properties and fixing of old references.
  • performing basic manipulations in the 3D scene, such as moving, copying, mirroring
  • analysis time reduced significantly for medium sized and large projects and even more in the case of 64bit version, which is now approximately 25% faster than 32bit version for both projects containing large amount of 1D members and of 2D members.
  • evaluation of 2D results for extensive amount of possible combination keys.

Comparison of speed performance in these aspects between version SCIA Engineer 18 and 19 are displayed in images below. The performance was tested on large scale real life project.