Tekla link in version 18




One of our passion in the SCIA is BIM. And we are proud to announce significant enhancement in our BIM portfolio. SCIA Engineer version 18.0 brings brand new Tekla Structures link. This proprietary link enables import as well as export of analytical model between Tekla Structures and SCIA Engineer.

Bi-directional link
Direct as well as file exchange
Easy mapping of materials as well as cross-sections

This bi-directional link supports full round trip. User could create his model in Tekla Structures as he is used to according his needs and make all necessary steps within this environment. After modelling, user should generate analytical model and export this analytical model into SCIA Engineer via the provided link. In SCIA Engineer, designer add all necessary supports and define load cases and combination. Then he designs and checks of structure within SCIA Engineer. He can change grade of materials, cross-sections, remove or add members. Results of such analysis, he could send back to Tekla Structures and user of this software can produce final detailing here.

User could easily select Tekla Structures link in his Tekla Structures under Applications and components. When he double clicks on an icon, a dialogue with settings is displayed. Here, user can select e.g. National code (supported Eurocode & British Standard) as well as imported / exported items. In current version, link supports import / export of

  • 1D prismatic members (beams and columns),
  • Member releases, supports,
  • 2D flat members (walls and slabs),
  • Supports
  • Rigid arms.


User could use predefined as well as user mapping tables for mapping of materials and cross-sections for smooth work-flow during import / export.

Once mapping is done, all selected items are imported / exported. Afterwards, user can see his model in SCIA Engineer in the case of export from Tekla Structures or vice versa in the case of import.