Revit link



SCIA Engineer 17.1 extends the existing capabilities of its Revit link by support of new types of entities, thus broadening the practical applicability of the solution.

Export / Import of composite deck
Export / Import of composite beam
Export / Import of virtual joists
New database for standard Revit SFB’s

The most important of the new features is the support of REVIT 2018.1 update.

SCIA clients in the UK and US, as well as some others, will certainly appreciate import and export of composite decks including all their parameters. Also all the information related to composite beam design performed in SCIA Engineer can be exported.

Steel designers are now capable of exporting virtual joists designed in SCIA Engineer to REVIT where they can finalize their projects.

A new database for standard Revit SFB’s has been added. SFB’s made with sections HE, HEA, HEB, HEC, HEM, I, I(CH), INP, IPE and IPN can now be imported using standard CADS families. A new “By category” option allows the users to export materials from Revit to SCIA Engineer separately for steel, concrete and timber.

Moreover, the link is now localised to all SCIA primary languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Czech and Slovak).