Memory optimisation in Engineering Report


SCIA Engineer 16 introduces an optimised memory consumption in Engineering Report.

It is now possible to insert large formats with higher quality, for example Engineering Report can now import an A0 drawing in 600 DPI quality or a Jules Verne book with 160 pages in 300 DPI quality.

The optimization performed has an impact also on pictures generated via ChapterMaker or Result Picture Generator. For example, a block with 25 pictures generated by the 3D wind module, which caused troubles in version 15, is now smoothly handled.

Another example is a set of generated pictures with internal forces for each slab in a selected storey. A story producing approximately 55 pages of report with 110 pictures in could not be processed in earlier versions. SCIA Engineer can handle even the double size of the Engineering Report generated block.

In addition, the appearance and quality of images coming from Design Forms checks (e.g. Concrete 15 checks) has been improved.

Also users who import into Engineering Report the result-reports from ECtools benefit from the performed optimisation. Even large ECtools reports now consume a minimal amount of memory.

While printing the Engineering Report or exporting it to a PDF file, it may happen that some tables or images exceed the printable area defined for the selected page format. If this happens, a clear dialogue is displayed to point at the problematic places.

The final Engineering Report can be composed of several external reports with a high number of images. Engineering Report now handles such situations with ease and even a 700 page long report with 1400 images can be inserted repeatedly with the memory consumption only at about 300 MB.