Table Input and Table Results enhancements



The Table Input functionality simplifies both modelling and editing, and provides a versatile overview of the previously defined input in a model. Table Results help users to deal with the results of calculations and checks in the numerical form using several interactive tools.

SCIA Engineer 16.1 contains additional features to improve the interaction of 3D model with tables and to enable better manipulation of tables themselves .

The filter stays active even when the user switches to another tab and back.

Table Input and Table Results: show only rows for selected objects

Both Table Input and Table Results can be filtered to show only objects selected in the 3D model. This can be started using button "Selected rows only".. This button shows and hides the rows.

Only selected rows will be visible and each cell is marked by yellow colour.

Table Input and Table Results: header copied into clipboard

While using the copy/paste function, also the header will is automatically copied.

Table Input: filtering by interval

Filtering data is a quick and easy way to find and work with a subset of data in a range of cells or table.

Activate option Filter bar into the table and write into the filtering row the interval between round brackets.

Filter by interval using the following command: ( min_value ; max_value )

Table Input: extension of input for 2D members and load panel

Table Input functionalities have been extended to enable the input for 2D members (including openings and subregions) and load panels directly from the table.

Input of nodes, 1D members, supports, loads,... was available already in previews version of SCIA Engineer.

Table Input: rounding of numbers

Let's say you want to round a number to the nearest whole number because decimal values are not significant to you. Or, you want to round a number to multiples of 10 to simplify an approximation of amounts. Simply select cells to be rounded and write into the filtering row "~" with decimal. The "~" character can also be "typed" using a right-click and selecting the "Round" command.

Rounding of number command via keyboard: ~0,1 (rounds value to tenth) ~1 (rounds value to unit) and so on.

Table Input: filtering loads for current load case only

Filtering can be also used to limit the content of the table to the current load case. It makes easier to check and update existing loads.

Table Results: taking into account "activity settings"

The content of the Table Results can be filtered to reflect the current activity settings.