Copying the content from one load case to another


The copy tool works for all types of load cases besides the type Permanent-Self weight.

There are action buttons for copy and delete all the loading in the selected load case. It is displayed in the Load case library and the Load case properties.

Copy loads

User selects the source load case. Press the action button “Copy all loads to another loadcase” and select this target load case in the dialogue.

The list displays only those load cases which can be used. The load case type self weight and the load case which was selected as the source is filtered.

Copied loads

All load types are copied to the selected load case - e.g. thermal, forces, wind etc.

The generated loads as wind, snow, train loads are copied without any changes.

The loads generated from free loads are not copied, only the original loads are copied.

(see the image on the next page)

The loads are automatically generated from the free forces when the calculation starts.

Delete loads

The selected Load case can be cleared by the action button “Delete all loads”. The empty Load case stays in the Load case library.

Zuzana Hekrdlová