Enhancements of Wind load generator



Implementation of note in chapter 7.2.2(3)
French National annex for parapets
Additional load cases for duopitch roof

In SCIA Engineer 19.1, the first enhancement which we have implemented is note 3 in chapter 7.2.2 of EN1991-1-4. The wind force acting on a structural element may be determined by vectorial summation of the external and internal forces and frictional forces resulting from friction parallel to the external surface. We have enabled this option as default and you can switch it off. The implementation is for this national annexes

  • Standard EN Belgian NBN-EN NA
  • British BS-EN NA
  • Dutch NEN-EN NA
  • Finnish SFS-EN NA
  • French NF-EN NA
  • Slovakian STN-EN NA
  • Czech CSN-EN NA

The second enhancement is implementation of French national annex for parapets where the difference is for values of cpnet.

The last enhancement is addition of option for generation of combination of positive and negative wind pressure for duopitch roof. You have now the possibility to take into account these two additional load cases and define direction of ridge / though.