Tributary areas extension



SCIA Engineer 17.0 introduced a new method for transfer of surface loads to load bearing elements: the "Tributary area" method. This release (SCIA Engineer 17.1) extends this functionality and also openings defined in panels are properly taken in account. It relates to panel types: "Load to edges" and "Load to edges and beams".

Extension of tributary areas method for distribution of surface loads with openings

The tributary areas for load distribution are now properly determined for both supported and unsupported opening edges. However there are still some limitations, e.g. curved opening edges are not supported and, such openings are ignored when tributary areas are created and load generated. Moreover, there is one special situation when the openings in panels are also ignored. This happens when an opening divides the tributary area into two or more parts and at least one of the parts is not connected to any supported element. The reason is that first, the tributary areas are generated and then the openings are subtracted.

If an opening is taken in account, the load is correctly reduced. If the opening is fully inside the tributary area, the load is summed up from both sides of the opening and applied to the supported element.