New SCIA licence server



This material provides the basic information about new licence server which is available from the version 2012. More detailed information are available in the FLEXnet Licence Administration Guide. Described changes affects the server side only. The client part (settings in SCIA Engineer) remains unchanged.

Supported operating systems

Licence server officially supported on following operating systems

Description of floating protection

SCIA floating protection is type of network protection. It is based on the FLEXnet technology of Flexera Software Company. Modules are stored in Trusted storage on the Licence server in case of this licensing. Those modules can be used online (checked out) or they can be borrowed and used offline. On the licence server there are stored all modules and editions.

The SCIA Licence Server can be installed on any computer in the client’s network. This means that it does not have to be the domain or file server.

Each of modules on the SCIA License Server can have different amount of licenses, which can be started simultaneously. The user can determine which modules he wants to use (via Protection setup dialogue) and which modules will remain available on the server for other users.

Managing of licence server is newly (from version 2012) done by lmadmin.exe. This manager has web based user interface which will be described later.

Compatibility with older versions

Older versions of SCIA Engineer (FlexLM protection based on *.DAT file) can read license from new SCIA Licence Server.

New versions of SCIA Engineer (2010 and later) requires SCIA Licence Server with version of FLEXnet 11.8 or newer. It is recommendable to use latest version of SCIA Licence Server provided by SCIA.

In case of using licence server with older version of FLEXnet than 11.10 together with SCIA engineer 2012 (or latest patch of 2011.1) there can be problem with correct interpretation of “@localhost” address. In this case it is recommendable to upgrade SCIA Licence server to latest version or use exact IP adress ( in the Protection setup.

Installation of SCIA License Server

Installation of SCIA Licence server is part of the installation DVD. It is necessary to go through all steps only. No special input is needed.

The default path where the SCIA Licence server is installed is c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SCIA\LicenceServer\ (can be different for different OS).

Activation of modules on SCIA License Server

Activation of modules remains unchanged. There is still the Activation manger used for activation

Configuration and start of SCIA Licence server

Note 1: The licence server is configured automatically during the installation of SCIA Licence Server. In usual cases the following steps are done automatically.

Note 2: More detailed information about general managing of licence server can be found in Licence Administration Guide provided by Flexera Software.

  1. make sure that there is running process lmadmin.exe on the license server machine.
  2. start Internet browser and navigate to http://serveraddress:8080 (e.g. http://localhost:8080)

  1. Click on [Administration] and sign in (for the first login use “admin” for username and password)

  1. Go to “Vendor daemon configuration” and click “Administer”

  1. In the “General configuration” section it is necessary to have correct path to licence file (Scia_Software.lic or *.DAT) and correct path for the vendor daemon (SCIA.exe). Vendor daemon port is the port which is used for communication between scia.exe and lmadmin.exe. it is not used for communication between SCIA Engineer and licence server. Restart retries specifies whether the licence server will be automatically started after restart of licence server machine (also restart after sleep mode). Put here the value 1 to enable automatic restart of license server .

  1. In the “Vendor daemon log” section it is possible to modify the position of log files or show the log file.

  1. Changes in configuration must be saved


Once the daemon is configured correctly, it can be started using the “Start” button.

Running daemon can be stopped using “Stop” button. Or it is possible to reread the licence file.

Checking the status of licence server

The status of SCIA Licence server can be checked on the “Dashboard” of the web based interface. It is possible to see alerts and warnings here and to see which licenses are available at the server. There are provided information about availability, expiration or current users (Hosts) for each module.

Michal Tůma