Installation from the web



Brief introduction

The easiest and fastest way to install software is an installation from the web. This new installation procedure for SCIA Engineer reduces enormously the download size: from more than 1 GB to approximately 2MB. And even more important: the installation time is much shorter than before!

Detailed Technical information

The new installation procedure of SCIA Engineer enables the user to download and install the software through the web. The big advantage is that the user doesn't have to download a full Zip-file from the ftp server (more than 1 GB) but instead he just has to download a small setup.exe (approx. 2 MB).

Thereafter the setup.exe runs as usual with all necessary information to be filled in and during the installation phase, the setup only downloads the relevant and necessary files dependent on the user configuration (eg. if one doesn't want to install help files, then these files aren't downloaded). This will save a lot of download time for the user. For example, the help files are taking up a lot of space when installing the Zip-file through the old procedure because they are installed in all languages.

The table below compares several different setup scenarios.

Additional Information

When the user installs only an English version without the reference guide or other addons and he already has all prerequisites (.NET, visual studio redistributables) installed from a previous installation, then he has to download only 27% of the files compared to the full Zip-file ! So one can save up to 70% of the download size and thus also 70% of the time.

Astrid Bastiaens