64-bit version in SCIA Engineer 17.1



SCIA Engineer 17.1 is available in two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit. While the SCIA Engineer solver has been already available in 64-bit version for quite a long time, SCIA Engineer 17.1 is the first fully 64-bit version.

This gives the user the possibility to allocate much more memory (> 2^32 bytes = approx. 4 Gb), which improves the response and stability of SCIA Engineer when modelling very large projects with excessive demands on memory allocation.

64-bit version functionality

Next to direct modelling in the SCIA Engineer 3D environment, the user can import (even very large) projects via IFC interface of using another link (e.g. Revit, Tekla).

When defining boundary conditions and loads, automatic generation of wind load with the help of a 3D Wind engine; he can use tributary areas for load distribution, apply all load types (except prestressing) . The next step before calculation of the structure is definition of support conditions. User can use all traditional options as well as elastic foundations (including soil - structure interaction).

When digital model is created, load and supports are applied, user can run linear as well as non-linear calculation. In the case of non-linear calculation, he can use second order, beam local non-linearities, initial stress, initial curvature and imperfection. Results of calculation use new post-processing options. It is mainly new visualisation styles, result legend .

Afterwards, user can enjoy new powerful and transparent concrete solution including design and check of 1D as well as 2D members and new approach in punching check. Moreover, user can benefit from brand new style of calculation of code dependent deflections so that we has overview about long-term behaviour of the concrete structure. We have been stressful also in the tuning of the speed of the calculation of checks. User will benefit from this speed-up.

Steel designers really appreciate completely revisited steel solution. Main focus was concentrated on speed-up of the calculation and enhancing of checks capability - e.g. new classification tool. Other benefit of the version lies in the link with IDEA StatiCa Connection which is a tool for design of general connection. As we are speaking about steel designers they will also appreciate our composite solution which is 64-bit compatible as well.

Last but not the least task in design tasks is preparation of final documentation. We developed Engineering Report where user can quickly and easily create finial document which will contain all necessary information. User can also use our picture gallery for production of nice looking pictures of structure and all calculated results.

The 64-bit version does not yet contain all functionalities which are available in the 32-bit build due to the fact that not all of these functionalities are 64-bit compliant yet. For more information about limitation, please visit following help page.

Fast response of solver
Memory efficiency
New post-processing style of calculation results
The usage of the transparent solution of concrete calculation