The realistic model of the surface support on the subsoil half space is a complex problem which cannot be determined by a simple mathematic rule. The result is dependent on the subsoil, on the top structure and loading. Any change leads to the different output.

The soil-in calculates surface spring constants (C parameters). The springs are considered as vertical and inclined. It is changed according to the actual state of the analyzed system. This lead to the realistic model where the interaction between foundation and near surroundings is taken into account .

The soil-in calculation

The values from the top structure and the foundation are calculated by FEM. The values are used as the source data for the soil-in. The soil-in is calculated in iteration cycles.

Soil-in input

  1. the Soil-in is calculated for the surface support type “Soilin”

  1. the subsoil is defined by the geologic profile and boreholes, SCIA Engineer use a Winkler-Pasternak model for the subsoil half space

  1. the solver settings are defined in the solver setup

Soil-in output

The results for C parameters are displayed in the 2D data viewer and all results are in the Results service.

  1. the C parameters

  1. the contact stresses

  1. settlement

  1. soil structure strength diagram

Zuzana Hekrdlová