Geologic areas



The 3D model with defined subsoil and geologic profiles displays the subsoil surface. This surface defines the area where soil properties between boreholes is inter- and extra- polated. Be to able to define a geologic fault, the basic surface polygon has been divided to the separated areas which are inter- and extra- polated but the first area doesn’t affect the next one. Different number of layers in the geologic profile may be used in different areas. For example 5 layers in all boreholes in area 1 and 8 layers in all boreholes in area 2.

The line between two geologic areas is geologic fault.

The following example has 3 areas

  • square main area

  • borehole profile with sand gravel pile
  • intersecting oblique area

The results clearly show the taking into account of the different composition of the areas

For what the geologic profiles are concerned, you can now copy/paste information via the clipboard