Foundation improvements in SCIA Engineer 14



Soilin improvements

The 3D model with defined subsoil and geologic profiles displays the subsoil surface. The new functionality allows to define more areas where soil properties between boreholes is inter- and extra- polated but it doesn’t affect the surrounding areas.

This allows the user to define a geological faults on the edge where two areas are created next to each other.

If at least two areas are not used the soilin functionality works in the same way as in the previous version 2013.1.

This functionality solves the common use case in the geotechnics. User is able to check C parameters on two or more areas with the geologic fault between them. It means that one area doesn’t affect the second one and C parameters are calculated separately for each one. Read more...

Geological profile improvements

There is a possibility to copy and paste the content from/to the clipboard during the definition of geological profile in SCIA Engineer.

Borehole improvements

There is a new functionality in the inserting dialogue of the borehole which allows to define the borehole as a sand-gravel pile. The functionality works in a similar way as geological area.

The command creates a new area around the borehole with the predefined diameter. This area is defined by one geological profile which contains the sand-gravel pile definition.