Using copy/paste to clipboard in the geologic profile


Zuzana Hekrdlová

Geologic profile

The subsoil is defined as a number of boreholes in the 3D model. Their inserting point defined the subsoil surface and their content defines the subsoil half-space under the surface. One geologic profile is assigned to each borehole.

The geologic profile is a set of soil layers with specific properties - deformation modulus, poisson number, wet weight, dry weight of the soil etc. All used geologic profiles are stored in the Geologic profiles library.

This subsoil definition is required for the SOILIN calculation or for the soil and water load generation.


When the separate geological profile should be used in the model, the borehole must be inserted to the working plane. The properties of the borehole contains its geometry (inserting point, Z level) and the geologic profile is defined here.

Geologic layers

The geological profile is defined as a set of layers with its properties:

  • Name
  • Thickness;
  • E modulus;
  • Dry weight;
  • Wet weight;
  • Structural coefficient m;

The interactive preview displays the profile with its parameters.

Edit the content

Interactive picture

The table is linked to the interactive picture. When user selects one layer in the picture, it is automatically displayed in the table and editing mode is started.

Copy and paste

It is possible to copy or paste the content of a table by the clipboard.

Copy content to the clipboard:

  1. Click on the row header.
  2. Display the right click menu.
  3. Select the option Copy all.
  4. Paste the content of the table to any editor (e.g. MS Excel, MS Word, OpenOffice, Notepad etc.).

Paste content to the table:

  1. Click on the row header.
  2. Display the right click menu.
  3. Select the option Paste all.