Additional plates for soil-in calculation


The soil-in calculation is a complex task where all factors must be considered.

The important one is the interaction between foundation plate and the surrounding area.

  1. the foundation
  2. the area which is affected

Automatic solution

The automatic solution is applied in SCIA Engineer in case that no other structure is added to the foundation plate. The program eliminates the neglect of the subsoil on edges by inserting of vertical supports on the foundation edges.

The structure could be displayed similar to this:

This causes smaller values in sigmaz results then it is expected.

Manual solution - additional subsoil elements

The user can model the situation by adding a subsoil elements around the foundation plate. Those elements have small thickness (around 0,001mm) and they are also supported by the surface support type soilin.

The result C1z without subsoil elements:

the sigmaz result is approximately 24-30 kPa

And with subsoil elements

the sigmaz result is between 0-98 kPa - this is more realistic model

The second picture shows that there are mesh elements calculated around the foundation plate.

Zuzana Hekrdlová