Improvement in SCIA Concrete Section (SCS) in SCIA Engineer 15.2



SCIA Concrete Section (SCS)

SCIA Concrete Section is an application for checking reinforced concrete cross-sections. It has been developed within the Design Forms environment and it offers a fast solution complying with EN 1992-1-1. Country-specific parameters according to the main standard and a first set of National Annexes are implemented.

This is a standalone tool for quick check of a section rather than for a detailed analysis. All the checks are supported for cross-sections of predefined as well as arbitrary shapes subject to normal force, biaxial bending and / or biaxial shear force.

Improvement in 15.2

Multiple sets of internal forces: the checks are shown according with the combination with the worst effect. In other words the user can input for both ULS (Ultimate Limit State) and SLS (Serviceability Limit State) more than one collection of internal forces. The check of the section is presented for the worst combination. Clear reports at different levels of detail are also available.