Concrete Design - new 2D solution for EN 1992-1-1



SCIA Engineer version 16.0 brings brand new design environment for 2D member according to EN 1992-1-1 based on transparent outputs giving the user a clear idea about how the software does the calculation. The result is an economical design of 2D members with deep insight into the calculations.

Design of longitudinal as well as shear reinforcement in 2D concrete members in SCIA Engineer 16 saves working time and helps design a complex geometry easily and effectively.


Fast and reliable calculation of reinforcement for 2D members .

Clear and transparent results.

Easy way to verify the result in each point of a 2D member.

Implementation of shift rule based on EN 1992-1-1.

Result of reinforcement shown in the form of real bars.

Presentation of results and level of output detail

Presentation of results is analogous to the design of 1D members. The user can display internal forces in tables as well as diagrams. Also the three levels of output details are quite similar to the output for 1D members. The user can thus feel more comfortable and he /she can easily understand the calculations.

Result values

The result value in the property tree include four values for the calculation of main reinforcements (direction 1 & 2 and upper & lower location) and one value for the calculation of shear reinforcement.

Supported features

  • New concrete setting related to reinforcement design for 2D concrete members (global or per member).
  • Application of "shift rule" accordion to EN 1992-1-1 to cover additional tensile force caused by shear effect in the design of longitudinal reinforcement.
  • Calculation of statically required longitudinal reinforcement using simplified formula for rectangular cross section in accordance to EN 1992-1-1.
  • Calculation of statically required shear reinforcement using transparent formula from EN 1992-1-1.
  • Modification of area of design reinforcements via detailing provisions of EN 1992-1-1.

Detailed provisions

SCIA Engineer 16.0 takes in account the following detailing provisions for the calculation of reinforcements in 2D members:

  • minimum ratio of principal reinforcement,
  • maximum ratio of principal reinforcement,
  • minimum transverse ratio of secondary reinforcement,
  • minimum bar distance,
  • spacing between longitudinal bars,
  • minimum shear reinforcement,
  • minimum thickness of member with shear reinforcement,
  • maximum spacing of shear links.

Design of reinforcement

Version 16.0 of SCIA Engineer helps the user to calculate the statically required longitudinal as well as the shear reinforcement. The calculation method takes into account the shear effect and gives more economical result compare to the solution used in previous versions.

In addition, Baumann’s transformation formula[1] is been used to calculate the principal forces in specified direction.

  • The longitudinal area of reinforcement is designed only in two specified directions.
  • The practical (user) reinforcement is not taken into account in this version.
  • Only two layers of reinforcement with different direction are used with the second layer located directly on the first layer.

For Shear reinforcement, the user can define the angle between the compression strut and member axis. Besides, the user can select the Auto option to let the program to calculate the proper angle automatically. This option leads to a more economical design of shear reinforcements.

Design procedure of reinforcement for ultimate limit state

  • Definition of assumptions for calculation.
  • Calculation of required area of reinforcement in all defined directions.
  • Modification of the area of reinforcement for different directions through detailing provisions.
  • Check of maximum force in concrete struts.
  • Check of the resistance of the section without shear reinforcement.
  • Calculating of maximum concrete resistance.
  • Design of shear reinforcement, if required.

Reinforced concrete design of 2D members according to EN 1992-1-1.
Fast and reliable calculation of reinforcement for 2D members.
Clear and transparent results.
Easy verification of results using the smart Table Results.
Implementation of shift rule from EN 1992-1-1.
The possibility to show the calculated reinforcement as real bars.

Reinforcement design New Concrete (Concrete 15) Time (minutes) Old Concrete (minutes) Ratio
2D member 2:27.66 6:24.02 2.74
1D Member 4:51.81 14:51.48 3.21

[1] Baumann, Th., "Zur Frage der Netzbewehrung von Flächentragwerken", In : Der Bauingenieur 47 (1972), Berlin 1975