Concrete Design - extension of the new 1D Solution



The developments of the new concrete design started in version 15.0. Today, in SCIA Engineer 16 new solution helps you to design 1D members (beams, columns, ribs) using a user friendly and fast workflow.


Revised and updated generic functions for design & checking of reinforced concrete columns, beam and ribs

Compliance with EN 1992-1-1:2004 including National Annexes
Support of arbitrary cross-section shapes including openings & arbitrary reinforcement positions
High performance

Clear & transparent reporting: assisting in dealing with EN 1992-1-1

The new version includes

  • Reduction of shear forces above the support (based on 6.1.2(8) from EN 1992-1-1).
  • Reduction of bending moments (based on and from EN 1992-1-1).
  • New concrete settings related to reinforcement design for 1D concrete members (global or per member).
  • Implementation of calculation of Xu, limit stipulated in the Dutch NEN NA 6.1(9) of EN 1992-1-1.
  • Improvement in result visualisation through transparent and easy to review outputs.

Shear force and bending moment reduction

The EN 1992-1-1 gives the user the possibility to reduce the shear forces and bending moment above the support. SCIA Engineer version 16.0 supports this option resulting in more economical and more realistic design of reinforcement.

The user of SCIA Engineer has two options to calculate shear forces:

  • Calculation of shear forces at the face of the support

  • Calculation of shear forces at distance (d) (where (d) is the effective depth of the cross section) from the face of the column or support

In addition to shear force reduction, SCIA Engineer version 16.0 includes the possibility to reduce the bending moment above the support. Two methods of reduction depending on the support type are available.

If a column forms the support, the reduction depends on the size of the column. If the support is only a standard normal support, then the reduction is given by formula (5.9) in the EN 1992-1-1

Moreover, the user of SCIA Engineer is still able to activate or deactivate these features in the general Concrete settings or in member data.

Setting for shear and bending forces reduction

These setting are located inside the Concrete settings listed under the corresponding chapter of EN 1992-1-1.

In addition, if the user needs to assign the shear or the moment reduction for specific member only, it is possible through Concrete Member Data.

It is possible to apply shear and bending reduction even if the structure does not contain a real column by editing the standard support width using the actions of "Update support width".

Reduction of share force / bending moment in graphical representation

SCIA Engineer version 16.0 shows the result of shear force and bending moment reduction as a diagram (3D window).

All the results and the way how the internal forces were recalculated is stated in the detailed output and can be sent to Engineering Report.

Beside the shear force and bending moment reduction, SCIA Engineer version 16.0 brings new way to consider the additional tensile forces caused by shear forces based on the "Shift Rule" in the EN 1992-1-1.

The Values inside the property window has been adapted and contain now the new value of bending moment after applying the Shift Rule.

The user can find the "Shift Rule" inside the Concrete Member Data.

Moreover, version 16.0 of SCIA Engineer brings good news to designers who design concrete structures according to the Dutch NEN. The design takes in to account the requirement of Dutch NEN NA 6.1(9) of EN 1992-1-1 about the height of the concrete compression zone Xu which must be limited.

for fck > 50 MPa:

and for fck ≤ 50 MPa:

This limit affects the calculation of reinforcements as well as the check.

If the height of the compression zone calculated in the check is greater than the limit, a message is displayed in the detailed output explaining why the limit is not OK and what the solution can be.

Other improvement in SCIA Engineer 16.0

Other small improvement has been implemented:

  • Possibility to combine internal forces (shear and bending ) in different direction (Y & Z) in the same view.

  • Several values of internal forces can be shown separately to compare the original and recalculated internal forces .

  • Display of bending moments and shear forces with and without shifting rule applied in the same diagram.

  • The reinforcement design menu now contains four values:
  • As,req: statically required reinforcement
  • Aswm,req: statically required area of shear reinforcement on 1 m of length (units mm2/m)
  • As,prov: reinforcement recalculated to real bars
  • Aswm,prov: shear reinforcement recalculated to bars


The reinforcement values depending on the direction that were used in previous versions can be found under "More comp" option.

Speed test and performance

One of the major differences in version 16.0 of SCIA Engineer is the speed of calculation and the general performance of the program. Several benchmarks have been made for different structure size with different load cases. The speed difference compared to the old solution depends on several factors like size of the structure, number of load cases, mesh size, etc.

For example, below you can see a multi-story structure consisting of:

  • 576 ( 2D members )
  • 648 (1D members)
  • 772 (Nodes)
  • 216 (Surface load)
  • Various load cases
Reinforcement design Concrete 15 - minutes Old Concrete - minutes Ratio
2D member 2:27.66 6:24.02 2.74
1D Member 4:51.81 14:51.48 3.21