Design of longitudinal reinforcement according to NBR 6118 and NBR 7480



SCIA Engineer v 2013.1 brings new possibility to design longitudinal reinforcement for 2D members according to NBR code. The user can select two directions for design of reinforcement - independently for the upper and lower surface (defined by the direction of the positive z-axis) of a 2D member. Design forces in these directions are recalculated from the internal forces using the Baumann’s transformation formulas. The direction angle of the concrete strut is optimised according to the condition of the smallest force in such a direction. A 1D cross-section is generated in each of the user’s specified directions. The longitudinal reinforcement is designed for this generated 1D cross-section and appropriated dimensional forces. The designed reinforcement is checked according to the detailing provisions defined in the NBR code.

The following list of detailing provision is checked

  • Minimum ratio of reinforcement in tension
  • Minimum ratio of reinforcement in compression
  • Maximum ratio of reinforcement
  • Minimum transverse reinforcement
  • Maximum spacing of main reinforcement

The check of concrete strut is performed after the check of detailing provisions of the designed reinforcement to find out if the strength of the concrete can transfer the forces in the direction of the concrete strut.

New navigator for design of 2D reinforcement

The standard combo box Values in the design of 2D reinforcement is substituted by a navigator (subgroups) where it is possible to select values for graphical presentation. The navigator has several levels (groups).

First level

there is only one item: Design ULS

Second level

there are 4 subgroups. There is one table for each subgroup in the standard numerical output

  • Internal forces(surface) – forces at surfaces of a 2D element
  • Internal forces(centre) – forces recalculated to the centre of gravity of the cross-section of a 2D members
  • Reinforcement area – designed (required) area of the reinforcement
  • Check compression strut – check of concrete compression strut

Third level

the following values can also be presented in the graphical output

  • Internal forces (surface)
  • Check ULS Internal forces (centre)
  • Reinforcement area
  • Check compression strut

New check selection type

SCIA Engineer v 2013.1 offers new selection types for displaying of results. The following possibilities are available for the design of reinforcement:

Single selection

only one item can be selected for displaying of results in the numerical and graphical output. For instance, item (nEd1+) is selected and when another (As1+) is chosen the previous item is automatically deselected; all other groups at the same level are automatically collapsed.

Multi selection

two or more items can be selected for displaying of results. The new attribute Draw magnitude is visible for this option, specifying which type of value from the selected ones will be presented in the graphical window, because only one value can be presented now in the graphical output for a 2D member.