Improvements for national annexes and codes



To meet the requirement of the national codes and national annexes, version 19 of SCIA ENGINEER brings some improvement in that direction. The following national codes and annexes have been improved.

NEN EN 1992-1-1+C2:2011/NB:2016

  • Modifying the ductility factor (k)for prestressing to be 1.05 and it was 1.1.

  • Modification according to clause 7.3.4(3): calculation of k3,crack factor & k4,crack factor.

Support DS EN 1992-1-1/NA:2017

Good news to our clients in Denmark. The new version of SCIA ENGINEER support the concrete design according to DS-EN 1992-1-1/NA:2017. With this version, the concrete designer can design all 1D members (beam, columns, and ribs) and 2D members (slabs and walls).

Most of the supported features of the standard Euro code has been extended to be work with the national annex from Denmark.

The user can do the following:

For 1D members:

• Calculation the internal forces including the reduction over the support and shifting of bending moment.

• Calculate the required longitudinal reinforcement As req.

• Calculation of provided reinforcement using As basic + As additional.

• Design of uniaxial/ biaxial members.

• Design of arbitrary cross-sections.

• All the ULS/SLS checks with practical reinforcements are included.

For 2D members:

• Calculation of internal forces including the shifting of bending moments.

• Calculation of required reinforcement As req.

• Calculation of provided reinforcement As basic + As additional.

SIA 262

  • In this version, the check of the long term deflection with cracks has been improved. To read more about that, please use this link.


  • The user can select any type of reinforcement for the calculation of the long term deflection with cracks.