Design of reinforcement in 2D members




As the design of 1D members has been improved in this version of SCIA Engineer, also the design of 2D members (walls and slabs) got some nice improvement in this version.

Some clients have used to design the flat slabs using the user reinforcement (real bars or meshes). Unfortunately, this was supported only in the concrete advanced model but not with standard concrete.

Therefore, the new version of SCIA ENGINEER has solved this issue and today the software can take the influence of the user reinforcement into account.

The idea from this development is to give the user the necessary freedom to decide the type of reinforcement that he likes to use.

Possibility to design 2d members with real bars or meshes
Possibility to combined the template reinforcement (As basic + As add) with the user reinforcement for the design
Possibility to use any type of reinforcement in the checks
Possibility to export any type of reinforcement to ASF format file.

Workflow improvements

The main workflow in version 18.1 and before was that the user must decide the basic amount of reinforcement in the slab and give some conditions for the calculation of the As add. In version 19, the user can use the real bars instead or with a combination of the template reinforcement.

Let take this example:

In this example, we have a flat slab supported by a few columns and we can design it with the template reinforcement as shown in the images. The results are:

Ø 8/250 as As basic (top reinforcement)

Ø 8/250+ Ø10/125 or Ø/250 + Ø10/63 as As add

If I will use the real bars as an input for the basic reinforcement (As basic in the template should be switched off manually) then the results will be:

It is clear that the result is identical. Do not forget to tick on "Consider user reinforcement" in the property menu.

So, in this case, SCIA Engineer has used the combination of As basic as real bars inputted by the user and the condition of As add from the template in case As basic is less than As req.

This combined two type of reinforcement can be quite useful in some case where the user can avoid the theoretical shape of the reinforcement to something more practical (straight lines). See the case below:

Output improvement

The Brief, standard and detailed output has been modified to show the user the usage of the right reinforcement for the design.

Usage of reinforcement in the checks:

In the previous releases, SCIA ENGINEER supports the use of any type of reinforcement in the checks. In this new version, the influence of the combination of the user and template reinforcement has been taken into account for the cracks, pushing and CDD checks.


Export via .asf file

In concrete advanced menu, the user can always export the designed reinforcement to AllPlan via ASF format file. This feature has been improved and supported by the new version of SCIA ENGINEER.

Today the user can select and export any type of reinforcement to AllPlan via this format file (ASF).