Punching improvements in version 18



As a continuation of the first release of our new full automated punching shear design, version 18 of SCIA Engineer brings a lot of added features to this solution. The idea of this improvement in punching shear design is to give the concrete designer more possibilities and to cover the needs of our users.

Supports of openings and designing of punching reinforcement beyond the first critical perimeter become possible with this release. Other improvements have been implemented in this solution regarding the quality of the results presentation and to support different types of longitudinal reinforcement.

Punching check and design for slabs and foundations.
Automatic recognition of support shape and location
Automatic recognition of openings.
Different possibilities for the calculation of β factor
Three different types of reinforcement are supported for the checks of slab resistance.
Presentation of UC and size of critical control perimeter.
Calculation of punching reinforcement where necessary.
Linear and non-linear calculation.

Possibility to design punching shear with user reinforcement

User reinforcement is this type of longitudinal reinforcement which can be added to the slab easily by the user. With this reinforcement, the user can check the resistance of the concrete slab regarding the punching shear check. If the resistance is not enough, then SCIA Engineer will calculate the necessary punching shear reinforcement around the support.

Possibility to design punching reinforcement with the non-linear calculation

With this version of SCIA Engineer, the concrete designer can combine the punching shear design with non-linear calculation. Doing geometrical or physical non-linear calculation become possible in this release and we expect that the user will use the non-linear calculation to simulate the real material behavior and with this case, designing of punching will be quite useful and practical.

Include the concrete stress for the calculation of VRd,c

In the previous version of SCIA Engineer, the influence of stress was excluded from the calculation of VRd,c and because we know that following the requirement from the EN 1992-1-1 code is essential to the concrete designer, this version contains the more accurate results.