Punching shear extensions (One-Click punching shear design)



Version 17.1 of SCIA Engineer further extends the existing solution for the design and check of concrete slabs and foundations for punching shear.

Some features have been improved and some have been added to give the concrete designer a very smooth workflow combined with practical results and clear presentation.

In this version, SCIA Engineer brings a one-click solution for punching shear design and check.The engineers do not have to spend their time on modelling and assigning the necessary data for the punching shear calculation. SCIA Engineer does all the necessary data assignment (like location and shapes of columns, columns eccentricity and rotations, openings in the slabs) automatically, thus increasing the overall the productivity of the design.

Design and check of punching shear reinforcement according to safety concept of EN 1992-1-1
Integrated solution for punching shear check and design
Calculation of punching shear for slabs and foundations
Automatic recognition of support shape and location
Automatic detection of openings
Automatic filtering of the necessary nodes for punching
Various possibilities for calculation of β factor
Two different types of reinforcement supported for checks of slab resistance
Design of radial punching reinforcement when necessary
Clear graphical and numerical presentation of results

Supported features

  • Design according to EN 1992‑1‑1:2004 and numerous National Annexes.
  • Columns with a rectangular or circular cross-sections only.
  • Automatic detection of openings: their location and shape.
  • Automatic detection of the position and shape of columns. The user gets notified if the shape is not supported.
  • Two methods for the calculation of β factor (simplified and formula.


  • Graphical representation of the critical control perimeter.

  • Three different colours for the unity check and critical control perimeter for easy understanding.

  • Design of punching reinforcement if necessary (radial reinforcement only).

  • Automatic arrangement of shear links around the column.

  • EC detailing provision taken into account.

Available results for punching shear calculation

Supported codes

More information about the supported code can be found in SCIA Engineer help: National Annexes to EN 1992.

Notification system for errors, warnings and notes

SCIA Engineer17.1 offers an updated notification system for errors, warnings and notes (E/W/N). The new system guides the user through the design process and explains punching, describes any issues and proposes a solution. This system provides both graphical and numerical notifications.

Other improvements in version 17.1

  • Two types of output: Brief for the summary table where the engineer can quickly review the design and Standard with all information supported by Table Results (Double click in Table Results).
  • Description has been added to punching items in the Concrete settings, in Design defaults and in the National Annex library

For more information about punching design and check, please read: