General improvements in concrete design in v. 17.1



The tools for design of reinforced concrete are being continuously updated and extended. SCIA Engineer version 17.1 brings quite a few improvements that help structural engineers complete their projects in very practical and straightforward way.

Punching shear calculation

All the enhancements in the punching shear design are described in a separate article Punching shear extensions (One-Click punching shear design).

Calculation of compression zone limit according to NEN national annex

The software itself determines in advance whether the members are under compression or not. This automatic detection results in a more practical solution and reduces the calculation time. For members subject to compression the verification of the compression zone according to the NEN national annex is skipped. The member type is checked according to 6.1(9) from NEN-EN 1992-1-1. The user is of course notified what happens.

Calculation of the stress limitation according to NEN-EN 1992-1-1

According to the EN 1992-1-1 7.2(4), the tensile stresses in the reinforcement shall be limited in order to avoid inelastic strain, unacceptable cracking or deformation. However, the NEN national annex skipped this verification. Therefore, the procedure for the calculation of stress limitation has been adapted to meet the requirement of the NEN national annex.

Graphical presentation of effective section depth

The calculation of the effective depth of a cross-section "d" has been updated to meet the requirement of the EN 1992-1-1 code and to give the user better understanding of the calculation of the concrete design.

SCIA Engineer determined the depth "d" automatically depending on the equilibrium plane of the compression and the tension zones.

From this equilibrium plane, SCIA Engineer calculates the effective depth “d” and the lever arm “z”.

If the equilibrium plane cannot be found, SCIA Engineer calculates the effective depth as a percentage of the total hight

d = coeff d. * h

This coefficient is equal to 0.9 by default and the user can modify it in the concrete setting menu.

The new graphical presentation of the “d” clearly explains how SCIA Engineer does the calculation.