Graphical presentation of results on 2D members



The post-processing environment ('v17'), presented in SCIA Engineer 17.0, has been further extended and updated. SCIA Engineer 17.1 adds new options and capabilities to the legend providing numerical values for the currently displayed results. Some of these new features are available for any result, some are devoted to the Concrete Design service.

Hiding the legend on request
Support of subscripts and superscripts
Scrolling and transparency support in the legend
Automatic reinforcement conversion via the legend of provided reinforcement As prov.
Clear and nice unity checks presentation for the checks of concrete 2D members (CDD and cracks)

General results

The user can hide (and display again) the legend the same way he uses for result info, i.e. by clicking on a small green letter in the upper right corner. The now properly displays Greek characters, subscripts and superscripts. If the legend is long and would occupy larger area it's frame is cropped and you can scroll up and down to see all the values. And last, but not least, the legend is transparent and does not prevent you from seeing the results "below" it.

Concrete design

The legend capabilities have been even further extended in the Concrete Design service. Here, when displaying the provided reinforcement, the colours and legend are automatically adjusted to show the number and type of reinforcement bars instead of pure reinforcement area in square millimetres.

In the previous versions of SCIA Engineer, the users had to do that manually. Today,SCIA Engineer itself does that and the results of the provided reinforcement (As prov. are presented using the diameter diameter and spacing of the bars, which can be presented both graphically or numerically.

Also the presentation of the unity check in crack- and long-term-deflection- calculation has been updated. The user can now clearly and immediately review the results as the drawing style and legend are automatically adjusted to best suite the result range (0, 1).

The user does not have to take any action to benefit from these enhancements. The drawing setigs are automatically adjusted for the presentation of the provided reinforcement and unity checks. Of course, the users can always change the drawing style to the one they are accustomed to. This can be done easily in the Drawing Setup 2D dialogue.