Section check: integration enhancements



Section Check (SC) is a smart solution for design, assessment and checking of concrete sections of members integrated into SCIA Engineer .

SCIA Engineer 16.1 offers designers a comprehensive solution with better integration of Section Check (SC) into the 3D model simplifying both design and checking of 1D concrete members.

Storing section check details in the project. Design criteria and bar details can be saved which means that the user can review the section checks any time later and adapt them to match the current project needs.
Visualization of results in the 3D model. In the main tree a new tool has been added Section check- results. It automatically displays the unity check values in the model. Users may also define their own result arrangements.

Visualization of results in Table Results. All design details of concrete sections are summarized into a dedicated table results. Content of the table is split into Summary, general information about longitudinal and shear reinforcement and overall check status, and Checks, with al unity check values listed.

Dynamic Engineering Report with regeneration of results. To print detailed and summary calculation results is now an easy task. The Engineering Report lists all concrete sections that have been created, it offers printout options to includes a compact page summary or a detailed report.

Section Check (SC) is a part of the concrete design module.