Concrete Design - New 2D solution for ACI 318-14 for the ultimate limit state



Version 16.1 ofSCIA Engineer brings a brand new solution to design slabs and floors according to ACI 318-14 . With this solution, it is possible to calculate the necessary reinforcement for shear and bending for the ultimate limit state.

Calculation of the theoretically required longitudinal and shear reinforcement
Calculates two reinforcement layers on both sides of the plate or wall
Possibility to change the angle of reinforcement
Simple dialogues for the input of the concrete data (concrete cover, reinforcement) and the normative factors
Results for theoretical required reinforcement per layer are available as numerical or graphical output (isolines, isobands, sections...)

What is possible in version 16.1

Calculation of internal forces.

Calculation of required longitudinal and shear reinforcement.

Design according to detailed provision of ACI 318-14.

Different result's output and presentation.

New setup for concrete data (global settings)

New user friendly setup is added to the concrete design tree, which contains all required parameters coming from the ACI code and calculation routines. The global setting applies to all members in the model unless it is defined overwritten for the specific member in the member data setting.

Necessary input parameters and initial settings are collected here in the setup. The designer can choose between a standard or advanced level, which filters the amount of data to be defined. The setup is arranged as a kind of table with 9 columns (description, symbol, value, default, unit, chapter, code, structure and check type). Search and filter functions are available. Very interactive feature is added to the setup to switch the type of view to concrete commands view or code chapter view or list view. The user can also create the specialized view based on his/her requirements.

New member data - local settings

The second step in a common workflow is the definition of local settings. These settings overwrite the global settings for a specific member. Member data can easily be copy-pasted to similar members. There is differentiation based on the type of member (slab, wall, shell plate, shell wall and deep beam). The local settings contain the most important input parameters and calculation settings as the global settings in setup.

Calculation of internal forces

The designer has the access to detailed report preview to see all the steps of the calculation and how these internal forces will be used for the calculation of reinforcement.

Calculation of shear and longitudinal reinforcement

The calculation of longitudinal reinforcement in X and Y direction for the upper and the lower surface is available as well as the calculation of shear reinforcement.

Types of results:

The designer can see four values for the calculation of longitudinal reinforcement

A_s, req,1- Longitudinal reinforcement in X direction (by default) for the bottom surface.
A_s,req,2- Longitudinal reinforcement in Y direction (by default) for the bottom surface.
A_s,req,1+ Longitudinal reinforcement in X direction (by default) for the Top surface.
A_s,req,2+ Longitudinal reinforcement in Y direction (by default) for the Top surface.
A_sw,req Reinforcement due to shear and torsion.

Result output and presentation of result

After the calculation, SCIA Engineer shows clearly the longitudinal or shear reinforcement inside the screen. The design has the possibility to check all the result of the internal forces or the reinforcement directly from “Table Result”.

“Table Result” can be the guide for the designer to understand what is the result of the calculation and How SCIA Engineer calculates all that. With this smart “Table Result”, the designer can see the location of the relevant result directly inside the 3D model. This will save a lot of time for the designer.

Useful features in this version

  • Possibility to calculate the concrete cover automatically depending on concrete exposure or by the user as input data. The software can show also the concrete cover check directly inside the report.

  • Possibility to see the calculated reinforcement as area of reinforcement or as number of bars.
  • Possibility to check the calculated reinforcement according to code requirement.
  • Clear and understandable error and warning messages.