Improvements in concrete design in SCIA Engineer 15.3



SCIA Engineer 15.3 brings two brand new extension to the design of reinforced concrete structures. Firstly, it is design of 1D members with ribs and, secondly, the improvement in simplified calculation of deflections of 1D members.


It is now possible to design ribbed slabs and also perform the required code-checks. There are no limitations concerning the shape of the rib cross-section.

Both global and local settings have been extended by parameters related to the ribs.

An X-shaped cross-section has been added to the reinforcement templates. In addition, also reinforcement templates for T, reversed T and L shaped cross-sections can be used.

Deflections - new approach

SCIA Engineer 15 presented a new approach to the calculation of deflections for 1D members (see here). The current version brings additional improvements in the calculation of deflections. The algorithm implemented in version 15.0 was not suitable for situations in which the internal forces are equal to zero but deflections are not zero. This is typical e.g. for a cantilever. This limitation of algorithm has been now removed. The new approach is based on searching for the minimal beam stiffness. This stiffness is used to determine the reduction coefficients and final deflections. As a result, there is no limit for the use of this simplified method.

The check can be used for all beams in the structure or just for one beam. The new approach speeds up of the common work-flow as the user gets a quick overview of the long-term behaviour of the structure without the need to run the Code Dependent Deflections calculation.