Improvements in Mesh and Solver Setup



In response to the valuable feedback received from our clients, SCIA Engineer 16.1 offers the calculation settings better organised. Some of the standard default values in mesh and solver setup were chosen several years ago reflecting the limits of computers in those old days. Today some of these parameters have been updated, which brings finer and more accurate results of finite element calculation. Namely,

  • number of eigen modes (increased from 4 to 10)
  • maximum number of iterations (decreased from 50 to 20)
  • number of critical values (decreased from 4 to 2)

The common goal of these modifications was to bring clarity and transparency to our settings. We also decided to split and reorganize the settings for the selection of the type of non-linear analysis and type of solver for non-linear calculation. Now, the user can choose whether to calculate according to the second order theory (P-delta) or according to the third order theory (large deformations). The second order approach is suitable for the most of common buildings. On the contrary, the third order has to be used in special cases such as cables, membranes etc..

The user now also benefits from the extended tool-tips and help describing the analysis methods used for a non-linear calculation.