Table Results in SCIA Engineer 15.3




Red "X" mark on the model

The Red "X" mark shown on the FE mesh of the model is a simple and useful way to verify the result in a short time .

Using this feature, the user can locate the position of a particular Table Results value in the model. The Red "X" mark is activated (displayed) by double clicking on any value inside the Table Results or by selecting a row(rows). The Red "X" mark is placed on the relevant position in the 3D model. The Red "X" mark remains active until the user leaves the current tab, selects another row or hits the Esc key.

It is possible to activate multiple Red "X" marks for several rows using CTR+click on the required row headers.

This feature is currently available for:

  • concrete checks (new Concrete 15 checks),
  • new composite checks ,
  • 3D stress and 3D displacement,
  • all user-made SDF checks.

Gradually the feature will be added to all results.

Load result on Refresh

With this option the Table Results are always aligned with the graphically displayed results.

In the previous versions of SCIA Engineer the user had to click on the Refresh and Get the result buttons to update the results inside the Table Result. The new version (15.3) contains a new button that automatically loads the results into the Table Results every time the Refresh button is clicked.

This feature is deactivated on closing the Table Results. It can be also switch off using the switch-button on the toolbar.

Table Results action button

This action button provides a fast access to the Table Results.

Version 15.3 of SCIA Engineer contains a new action button to open the Table Results and load the values according to selected result / check properties.

Delete all Table Results tabs in Cleaner

This option is useful when it is required to reduce the total size of the project file.

In addition to the Cleaner itself, the this action can started also from the toolbar inside the Table Results window .

Regenerate Current Tab

The new Regenerate current tab refreshes the results on the current tab.

This button is useful to regenerate any invalid tabs. It is analogous to the button for regeneration inside the Engineering Report.