Results in SCIA Engineer 15



3D Stress / Displacement - extension

SCIA Engineer 15 comes with extension of 3D Stresses and 3D Displacements functionality in the Results service. This extension consists of three parts:

  • correct display of results also on 1D members with openings.
  • the same feature for 2D members - the values have been increased by membrane stress and stress components typical for 2D members.
  • display of 3D results for ribs.

All this together provides a unique possibility to see 1D and 2D results together in one view. Engineers can display global deformed structure and obtain clear view of the behaviour of the structure.

1D member with openings

2D members


Hot keys

SCIA Engineer 15 offers possibility to use hot-keys for a set of most common commands:

  • Ctrl + C to copy selected objects
  • Ctrl + X to move selected objects
  • Ctrl + Z to undo action
  • Ctrl + Y to redo action
  • Enter / Space - to repeat the last command

Extension of 2D results for Open Design

The possibility to display results for 2D members calculated via Open Design have been extended. Now it is possible to use averaging strips (see the picture below - option: redistribution of peak) and show results on edges and along selected sections.

Properties for open design results

As well as in standard results, there is possibility to use averaging strips. These strips have to be defined in advance (e.g. in Results service). Redistribution of the peaks can be used for any value calculated via Open Design. This gives users the opportunity to eliminate problems due to singularity (nodal support for slab, slab supported with column,...).

Without redistribution

Redistribution of peak


Open Design brings a unique possibility to display values calculated via Open Design on selected sections or on edges of 2D member. The user can select:

  • diagram type (none, precise, trapezoidal),
  • diagram position (section or element plane),
  • either total or average values,
  • units in drawing.

A brand new feature is a choice of section on a 2D member. The user can select just one or several sections by clicking in the 3D scene or via the selection command (each section has its own name). Moreover, there is a possibility to see the detailed output from Open Design for a selected section.

Results of 2D member edges

Results of selected sections

Results on edges and sections


Updated solver dialogue & new type of solver for eigenvalue problems

Solver settings have been updated. The type of eigen value solver was moved from the general part to dynamics and stability. It is possible to select different eigen value solver for dynamics and stability as can be seen from the attached figure.


Old solver setup

Rearranged solver setup


A new type of solver for eigenvalue problems have been introduced in SCIA Engineer 15. It is called polynomial method. The related well-known theory can be found in numerous technical books or on the internet. The usage of this method can lead to the shorter time of calculation in comparison to the Lancosz method. The polynomial method is recommended for eigen value problems in dynamics.

General plasticity

SCIA Engineer 15 comes with a brand new development related to non-linear calculations. This non-linearity lies in the behaviour of material. SCIA Engineer 15 implements a new type of material behaviour for 2D members: plasticity. The plastic zone is based on the Von Mieses yield condition (J2 plasticity condition). The yielding condition is:

This calculation can be useful for users dealing with steel pressure vessels and also other analyses that require to take into account the plastic (non-nlinear) material behaviour.