Confirmation question before deleting results



It may have happened to you ... All calculated results suddenly disappeared from the SCIA Engineer project, without notification or 'undo' option. It could happen after only a small modification to the construction model or its boundary conditions. It could be unpleasant, especially when the calculation took a long time or when the modification was unintended.

This now belongs to the past: a simple solution is included in version 14.0 of SCIA Engineer!

The user is now offered a confirmation question when attempting to make a modification that would cause the results to be deleted. If the action is confirmed, the deletion of the results is accepted as well. If it is rejected, no changes take effect and the results stay available.

The question appears when e.g.

  • adding, deleting, adapting structural members or additional data
  • making changes in the Solver or Mesh setup
  • modifying library properties

The confirmation question is activated by default. It can be disabled via the Setup menu > Options > tab Other. The calculation threshold time is accessible as well, with a default value of 10 seconds. This means that in case the calculation time is shorter, no message will be given when making structural modifications and the results will still be deleted.

Sonja Asselbergh