Automatic mesh refinement



SCIA Engineer 14 offers new feature - Automatic mesh refinement. Fine mesh of finite elements produces more accurate result than coarse mesh. Manual finding of fine mesh is sometimes very hard task for a user. He have to define all needed parameters (e.g. ratio for mesh refinement) and select from suggested method. Therefore, we are releasing the new method for automatic mesh refinement. This method has been developed in collaboration with our partners – FEM consulting s.r.o and Czech Technical University in Prague. Our solution reflects state of the art in a-posteriori error estimate methods. The benefit of the method is also information about quality of results due to mesh density of two-dimensional mesh elements. What user have to do for the usage of this new method? He can simply select this new feature in mesh setup, set all needed data and run linear calculation.

He will receive information about quality of numerical solution due to two-dimensional finite element density immediately after the end of the linear calculation. Smaller percentage means better quality of solution.

User can check proposed new mesh refinement in new item in Results tree. If he wants to use this proposed mesh density, he can easily run mesh generation and run linear calculation once again.

Original mesh


Proposed new mesh size


New mesh


New value of quality of numerical solution

User can do described steps iteratively to obtain wanted target of the quality of the results.