Membrane elements and 3D stress in SCIA Engineer 15.2




Triangular Elements for Membranes

SCIA Engineer 15.2 presents improved calculation of membrane structures. This improvement lies in the usage of triangular finite element during meshing of the structure. SCIA Engineer automatically selects this type of the element if appropriate 2D element is marked as membrane (for FEM non-linear model)

Below you can see examples of the triangular mesh for membranes.

3D Stress Improvements

SCIA Engineer 15.2 brings improvements in Result service. It is extension of 3D stress results with 2D strains. User has possibility to see and check

  • Basic total strain
  • Principal total strain
  • Basic plastic strain
  • Principal plastic strain

In the case of plastic strains, user have to perform non-linear analysis with material non-linearity. Von Mieses yield condition is used as description of material behaviour. It is useful feature in the case of calculation of steel pressure vessels and detail calculation of steel connection.