Solver improvements in SCIA Engineer 19.1



Solver possibilities were enhanced in the SCIA Engineer 19.1. We enabled possibility of using singularity check for non-linear analysis. If during non-linear analysis solver identifies singularity, the user is notified and singularity check is run and animation describing the singularity mode is shown to the user.

Another improvement concerns seismic analysis with soil interaction. By the nature of immediate seismic action the soil behaves much stiffer when compared to short-term or long-term design scenarios. The user is in SCIA Engineer 19.1 allowed to modify the soil behaviour in the solver setup to take this phenomenon into account during the analysis.

last improvement in solver is enabling functionality of non-linear 2D elements with Pressure only behaviour in Post-processing environment (PPE) Default. This feature is now available in both 32bit and 64bit version.

Singularity check for non-linear analysis.
Upgraded soil interaction settings for seismic analysis.
Pressure only 2D members enabled in 64bit version.

When singularity is detected during non-linear analysis in SCIA Engineer 19.1, an animation with singularity visualization appears to guide the user. User is then able to adapt the structure and its boundary conditions same as he would in the case of singularity detected during linear analysis as is displayed on figures below.

If Soil interaction functionality is enabled and at least one seismic load case is present in the project, solver setup includes fields that enable using soil stiffness multiplied by custom factor exclusively for analysis of seismic load cases. For ordinary soil conditions the applicable factors vary between values 3-10 based on the subsoil type. In the case of other load cases and in the case of other type of analyses (stability, dynamics) the soil behaves as defined in the model without taking into account these custom multiplication factors. See typical settings of solver setup in the figure below.