Enhancements of Integration member



We have developed functionality called Integration member in SCIA Engineer 19.0 to enable spatial integration of 1D and 2D member stresses and showing resulting representation of internal forces just as if they were on a single beam. In SCIA Engineer 19.1 we provide improvements of this feature that extends its usability in multiple ways. First, In order to enable both short and long integration members in the project we enabled setting the amount of sections as direct property of the integration member. Second improvement is that you may choose to integrate the internal forces with respect to the centroid of all integrated elements, which is very usable in the case of non-constant section. Additionally, it is possible to exclude custom selection of members from the integration. You may change all of the above in the properties of each integration member without the necessity to recalculate the model - all is part of the post-processing of results. The definition of an integration member and integrated internal forces may be exported by XML document.

Change amount of sections on the Integration member.
Integrate internal forces in respect to the centroid line of Integration member.
Exclude some elements from integration by the Integration member.

Export Integration members and related results via XML.

Customizing number of section can not be easier, just change the property of any integration member and refresh results. This improvement enables having in the project some rather short integration members and also possible very long ones while keeping the same level of detail

As integration member is a tool for integrating spatial structure from set of beams and 2D elements, it may be beneficial to integrate the internal forces with the respect of the centroid of the structure. A choice is available to integrate the internal forces in respect to centroid or in respect to the definition line of the integration member.