Integration member



Did you ever meet the requirement to design shear walls or you created shell model of bridge and need to change it to 1D model due to the other calculations? We have solution for you in newly released version of SCIA Engineer 19. We have developed functionality called Integration member which can help you in that manner. Integration member integrates all internal forces from 2D as well as 1D members which are in the defined bounding box around the member. This results in internal forces of 1D element. You may be wonder that should be pretty difficult to define and use integration member. That's not the true. You just need to define the axis of the member, type and size of the bounding box and press the button. You don't need to to define any master slab as in the past because integration member is and independent entity and does not influence the rest of the model nor the analysis part. The whole calculation is done on the back-round once you ask SCIA Engineer to give you internal forces for any load case, combination, result class. Integration member works for linear as well as non-linear analysis

Flexible collection of internal forces from 1D and 2D members
Various types of bounding boxes
Easy to use