Enhancements in post-processing of results




SCIA Engineer version 18 offers several enhancements for post-processing environments v17 as usual. In the current version we focused on improvements of existing functionality as well as visualisation and transparency of results. We newly added possibility to export results into XML file so that user can easily used result from analysis in his tools for post-processing or other applications.

Enhancements for integrations strips on 2D members
New possibility of display deformed shape at wire-frame model
Export of results into XML file
User adjustable limits for 1D checks
Transparent calculation of eccentricity for line support
Definition of non-linear functions

Integration strips for 2D members

Integration strips are the first significant extension of Post-processing environment v17 in the current release. Functionality of integration strips have been enhanced so that user can define strip which crossing multiple slabs which was not possible in the previous versions. It is helpful in the need to obtained 1D internal forces on the edge between two 2D members with e.g. different thickness or material grades.

Deformed shape at wire-frame model

One of the biggest enhancement done in the current release is possibility to see deformed shape at wire-frame model. This functionality is easy accessible in 3D displacement. It could be used for quick overview of global behaviour of structure subjected to various load conditions. User can easily see results of linear, non-linear, modal as well as stability analysis. Results could be displayed together for 1D as well as 2D members as user is used to for 3D displacement.

Export of results into XML file

SCIA Engineer 18.0 newly offers export of calculated results into XML file where user is able to define results and load types which should be transferred into XML file. All basic 1D and 2D results are supported. User can use this functionality for export of calculated results into his tool for post-processing or other application.

User adjustable limits for 1D checks

We developed option for user adjustable limits of unity checks used during visualisation on the user screen. It can help user to see places where unity check is unsatisfactory - displayed with red colour or spots where the utilization rate is small - displayed with grey colour . All other places are displayed in the green colour. User can adjust his own limits as can be visible on the following picture.

Transparency in calculation of eccentricity of line support

In release SCIA Engineer 17.0 we have delivered new option for display of reactions for linear support. One of the results displayed in the table with results was eccentricity for reaction. We have used quite simple formula for calculation this value but we did not print intermediate results into table. Based on your feedback, we added whole new table where you can find all intermediate results used for calculation of eccentricity. Now, you can easily check it with the usage of simple formula.

Definition of non-linear functions

SCIA Engineer 18.0 offers the usage of non-linear functions in the definition of flexible supports and hinges. It brings option for the user to model non-linear behaviour of such support. It can be used for modelling of soil, in rack design and scaffolding. User just need to define simple graph of relationship between translation / rotation / soil and force.