Results in SCIA Engineer 17



Once a structure model has been successfully created and calculated, it is necessary to scrutinise the results and evaluate the design. This step is extremely important as the structural engineer must guarantee the overall safety, and also economy, of his design. Moreover, due to often tight schedules, this needs to be done effectively and reliably. It is crucial to understand the overall response of the structure as well as examine in detail the critical places.

SCIA Engineer 17.0 presents a new approach to handling of results combining speed and clarity. Extended visualisation options including e.g. rainbow colours in diagrams showing the distribution of result values along a beam or along an edge of a slab help the engineer to immediately spot problematic places in the structure. Also the utilisation of new technologies such as multi-core CPU brings direct benefits in saving the precious time.

The new capabilities and extension are available for the both standard (FE) results (service Results) and for steel and concrete checks (services Steel and Concrete).

Fast response while displaying results
Transparency in all outputs
New visualisation options for results
Legend with displayed load case / combination, value, units, etc. next to every picture
Nodal reactions and intensity in one view - advantageous for foundation design

SCIA Engineer (from version v17) provides the possibility to choose between two post-processing environments for displaying results and performing the design. The upgraded Result service can be used on activating the "v17" environment in the Project data dialogue.

Fast response of displaying results

Utilisation of cutting-edge technologies such as multi-threading leads to a faster response of the program. This means considerable time savings especially while working with large and complex models.

Visualizations enhancements

As mentioned above, SCIA Engineer 17 comes with new visualisation styles.

Legend for results

One of the visual enhancement is a legend with facts about the displayed result. It displays the name of result, selected value, combination, location etc. The legend is shown on the screen and is also exported to a picture and to the Engineering Report. The main benefit is that the user has always clear information about what is displayed in a picture.

Display styles

Another visual improvement is the possibility to select a style from a collection of styles for visualisation of 1D results (i.e. results on a beam/column or along an edge of a slab/wall). The user can select if he wants to display results using just one colour (convenient for printing) or rainbow colours (as shown below).

Min-Max envelope

Newly introduces is also the possibility to display the real minimum-to-maximum envelope for combinations. This option represents a smart aid especially for the code-design phase.

Generation of combination from envelope combination

SCIA Engineer 17.0 can generate a linear combination from the combination key of a linear envelope combination. It is pretty easy. For an envelope combination, the user selects which result he wants to display. After the refresh of results there is an option to generate a new combination based on the extremes found in the envelope combination. The user can select the type of combination and change the name or add a description of the generated combination. Afterwards, he can display results for this newly created combination, perform design of the structure for such a combination or run e.g. a non-linear calculation.

Sections and edges for 2D members

SCIA Engineer 17.0 brings new possibility of handling of results on edges and on defined sections of 2D members. User can display results for all sections or just for one selected section. Drawing of results on edges and sections of 2D members was significantly improved. The user has possibility to draw results in section plane, element plane and upright to 2D element. Drawing itself was improved too. The user has a chance to select the colour scheme, graph type and style of envelopes drawing. An envelope combination can be visualised as an interval from the real minimum to real maximum or as just as values from the system line.


SCIA Engineer 17.0 offers displaying of results for nodal and linear reactions in one view. The benefit lies in better understanding of support behaviour. Another nice enhancement of reaction results is the possibility to display the average value of the intensity of a line support or its trapezoidal representation as it is shown in the picture.

Strains for 2D members

The user has the possibility to display strains for 2D members. In previous versions it was possible only in the 3D Stress / strain results. This can increase the user's effectivity.

Stresses for 1D members

The user can easily display stresses for 1D members. He can choose among several options. There is an option to display the results for all fibres of a cross-section, selected or named fibre, named part of a cross-section. It is a powerful tool for understanding of the stress state in the member.