Results in Open checks



Generate combination from combination key

SCIA Engineer 16 brings possibility to define a new linear combination from the evaluation of the envelope combination. The user can run any Open Check or check in Concrete 15 for envelope combination for a selected type of extreme (Global, Member, Cross-section) and he will get overview of found extemes together with combinations keys. Afterwards, he can generate a new linear combination based on this key. The user can use this combination for the evaluation of other checks and results and he can handle this combination as a standard combination. It can lead to time reduction needed for working with checks - a simple generated linear combination is used instead of the whole envelope of combinations.

String result values

For Open Checks SCIA Engineer 16 releases ability to work with what is called string results. The developer of the Open Check can appoint one of string variables as the final result of his check. This result will be displayed in the graphical window as well as in the table. Moreover, it is possible to display the extreme of such a variable. This is done due to binding this variable to the numeric representation.

What is the main benefit of this development to the user? It lies in the possibility of display string negative / positive instead of value of bending moment. This technology can display also OK / NOT Ok in the case of checks - instead of unity value. Or developer of Open check can attach any text as he think that it is useful for the user of this check.

Sub-combinations for permanent / live / total load

Another enhancement for the developers of Open Checks is the generation of sub-combinations with respect to the "Action type" property of a load case. It brings the possibility to differentiate in the checks between the types of load.

  • Live loads only
  • Permanent loads only
  • Self weight only

Those sub-combinations will be extracted from the original combination key. Load cases which does not match the condition will be excluded in the sub-combination. Load factors of the remaining load cases will be kept.

Extremes for Open checks

The last enhancement connected with Open Check is related to Extremes. The developer of an Open Check can decide which type of extreme he wants to find and display in SCIA Engineer environment. He can select

  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Both

Extremes can be searched for numerical value as well as for string (bound to the numerical values) variables. If the "both" option is selected, the user of Open Check is able to see minimum and maximum value of such a variable in the graphical as well as tabular output.