New types of general plasticity



SCIA Engineer 16.0 brings brand new types of non-linear material models for plasticity calculation. The general plasticity module, which includes Von Mises yield condition, has been extended with the following types:

  • Tresca yield condition,
  • Mohr - Coulomb condition,
  • Drucker - Prager yield condition.

The Tresca yield condition is also known as the maximum shear stress theory and can be used for metals like the Von Mises yield condition. The Mohr-Coulomb yield condition is often used to model concrete, soil or granular materials. And the Drucker-Prager yield condition is usually used for concrete where both normal and shear stresses can determine failure. All these new types can be applied just to 2D members such as plates, walls and shells.

The Drucker-Prager yield condition can be suitable for modelling of behaviour of punching, short corbel and for identification of truss analogy to model strut and tie models. These models can be successfully used for the design of reinforcement in disturbed regions of structure such as places around openings in walls, plates etc.

The Tresca as well as Von Mises yield condition can be used for modelling of steel connections with the help of shell elements. Thanks to these conditions the user of SCIA Engineer can model and check also complex steel connections for which the check procedure is not mentioned in the code. The user can easily find and see yielding part of the structure. Based on that, they can modify the connection to eliminate such parts.