Export of Engineering Report to MS Excel



Version 18.1 of SCIA Engineer brings good news to our client who using the export tool for the SCIA Engineering Report.

The new development of this version is aligned with the strategy of the company where we promised our client to give them the sophistication in the calculation supported by the simplicity of the use.

With this version, the export tool has been modified to give the user the maximum advantage ot it in very easy way.


Replacement of the old export tool via the .html format.

More useful exported data for your own calculation in Excel.

Easy to read/navigate output.

Data-oriented output.

Compact output file.

What has been done?

Simplification of the export tool inside the Engineering Report:

1. Replacement of export to excel via HTML format by direct export to excel

2. Removal of export to Word via HTML

In this new version, the user can use the new feature of the direct export to Excel and the user can have several advantages with that.

The new export content will be aligned on the chapters which are made inside the Engineering report separated as sheets. Moreover, the user can see that the new value type is quite useful to do some calculation inside the Excel.

In addition, the command to export to MSWord via HTML has been removed from this new version. However, the user still capable to export the content of the Engineering report to MSword as RTF.