National annexes in version 17.1



SCIA Engineer is well known for its comprehensive support of the Eurocodes including National annexes. In the last release (version 17.1) we have extended concrete design functionalities by two more National Annexes for Romania and Spain. The integration of multiple codes in one software has both financial and technical benefits for users.

Besides that, the existing national annexes are always kept up-to-date whenever any updates are published, thus enabling the engineers to deliver their projects in full compliance with the code.

New Romanian and Spanish National Annexes for concrete design.

Update of the Czech National Annexes to EN 1992-1-1 for buildings and EN 1992-1-2 for bridges.

Update of the Austrian National Annex to EN 1992-1-1 for buildings.

Extension of the National Annex to EC 1992-1-1.

Updated Technical background documentation fort National Annexes to EN 1992.

Extension of National Annexes

Besides the implementation of the Eurocode methodology, SCIA Engineer contains a library of national annexes where country-specific methods and parameters are available.

The table below gives an overview of extended National Annexes and code references which have been updated in version 17.1.

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Technical background documentation fort National Annexes to EN 1992

The National Annexes Manager allows the user to verify and adapt the nationally determined parameters. Details about the supported chapters from the code and National Annexes and used formulas can be found in the Help.